Splicer (BioShock) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Splicer Costume

Splicer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt Begin your extremely macabre attire with this long-sleeved white button-down shirt.
2 Black Straight Fit Work Pants Partner your top with this straight fit pair of black work pants.
3 Black Leather Oxford Shoes Continue with your look as a previous ordinary office worker with these leather black Oxford shoes.
4 Blue and Black Necktie Choose this blue and black necktie to go along with your getup.
5 Gray Formal Suit Vest Add this formal gray suit vest to your attire.
6 White Long Eared Rabbit Mask Wear this long-eared white rabbit mask and make no doubt that there is something oddly ominous with your character.
7 Fake Crow Bar Bring along this fake crow bar as your attack prop.
8 Fake Blood Smear this fake blood all over your clothing, mask, and props to show how dangerous you are.

Splicers are the main enemies in the first-person shooter video game series published by 2K BioShock, who are hideously-deformed survivors of the underwater city of Rapture and obsessed with the gene-splicing wonder drug ADAM. They are extremely dangerous and attack anything they see as an obstacle to what they want. Splicers comprise the vast majority of Rapture’s survivors.

There are various Splicer models in the game. Some wear an all-bloodied attire consisting of a long-sleeved white button-down shirt, straight fit black work pants, black leather Oxford shoes, a blue and black necktie, a formal gray suit vest, and a long-eared white rabbit mask.

About Splicer

Splicers are one of the most iconic and memorable enemies from the BioShock series, known for their eerie appearance and unpredictable behavior. They play a significant role in creating the dark and menacing atmosphere of the game.

In the world of BioShock, Splicers are individuals who have become addicted to ADAM, a substance derived from sea slugs that grants extraordinary powers but also drives its users to madness. Over time, this addiction transforms them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their once-human features become distorted and grotesque, and their sanity deteriorates.

These deranged beings can be encountered throughout Rapture, the city beneath the sea where the game takes place. Each Splicer has its own unique design and personality, reflecting their individual descent into chaos. Some wear tattered clothing reminiscent of a bygone era while others don more flamboyant outfits or masks.

There are several types of Splicers to encounter in each installment of the Bioshock series. The Thuggish Splicer is often encountered early on, relying on brute strength to attack with melee weapons such as pipes or hooks. The Leadhead Splicer is armed with firearms and poses a more ranged threat. Spider Splicers crawl on ceilings and walls, using their agility to surprise unsuspecting players.

One notable characteristic of Splicers is their twisted personalities and mannerisms. They often mutter deranged phrases or engage in conversations with themselves as they wander Rapture’s corridors in search of ADAM or unsuspecting victims. This adds an unsettling layer to encounters with them.

Engaging with these enemies can be a challenging experience, as they exhibit unpredictable behavior during combat. They will use cover tactics, employ hit-and-run strategies, or aggressively charge at you depending on their type. As players progress through the game, they may even witness different factions or rivalries among Splicers themselves.

The design of Splicers incorporates visual cues that heighten the horror and unease of encountering them. Facial disfigurements, missing limbs, or exaggerated expressions give them a nightmarish appearance. Their unnerving movements and distorted voices further contribute to their unsettling presence.

Throughout the series, players learn more about the origins of Splicers through audio logs scattered across Rapture. These provide insight into their past lives and motivations before succumbing to their addiction.

Splicers are a key element in creating the immersive and atmospheric world of Bioshock. Their haunting presence adds tension and unpredictability to gameplay encounters, keeping players on edge as they navigate through the crumbling remnants of Rapture’s once-prosperous society.

Splicer (Rabbit) was voiced by T. Ryder Smith. Ryder Smith is also known for his roles in Brainscan, The Venture Bros., The Report, and Enclosure.

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