Bonnie & Clyde Couple Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Outlawed Duo Bonnie and Clyde Costume

Bonnie And Clyde Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Classic Bob Blond Wig Get a classic bob wig in blond to recreate Bonnie’s hair style.
2 Pink Beret Hat Level up your femininity with a light pink beret wool hat.
3 Pink Sweater Match your hat’s color with a simple designed light pink sweater.
4 Brown Pencil Skirt Contrast the sweetness with a pencil designed skirt in brown color.
5 Black and White Scarf Wrap your neck with a black and white, old-fashioned printed scarf.
6 Oxford Shoes for Ladies Finish Bonnie’s look with a pair of oxford shoes in whatever colors you prefer.
7 Brown Fedora Hat Get a fedora hat for gentlemen in chocolate brown color.
8 Three-Piece Black Suit Look for a three-piece black suit with a little white stripes on it.
9 White Shirt A regular white buttoned down shirt is perfect.
10 Brown and White Necktie Find white and brown necktie with the similar design to the original.
11 Oxford Shoes for Gentlemen Finish your Clyde’s look with a pair of formal oxford shoes in black color.
12 The Revolver Props Don’t forget to gear up the outlawed duo costume with the Revolver prop guns.

Although the movie Bonnie and Clyde was made in the 60s, it indeed captured the style of the 30s when the criminal couple was alive. The iconic look from the movie is where Bonnie was leaning on the car, while Clyde was sitting.

In the photo Bonnie wears a pink beret, a pink shirt with a scarf on her neck, a brown pencil skirt, and oxford shoes. Where as Clyde wears a brown fedora hat, black suit with brown and white necktie, and black oxford shoes. Their weapons are the revolvers. Check our list on how to dress like the outlawed duo!

About Bonnie and Clyde

Based one one of the most historic criminals on the American soil, the film Bonnie and Clyde had released in the year of 1967. The movie works as a biographical crime film which tells the story of the most famous American criminal couple of the 30s: Bonnie Parker, portrayed by Faye Dunaway; and Clyde Barrow, portrayed by Warren Beatty.

In the movie Bonnie, who’s bored of her job as a waitress at the moment, meets Clyde when he’s trying to steal her mother’s car. Hating her ordinary life, Bonnie is excited by Clyde and she decides to join him then. They start off with small heists, then step on grander scales like bank robbery; and things get more violent as well. Along the path of crime, Bonnie and Clyde have recruited a gas station attendant named C.W. Moss, then with Clyde’s older brother Buck and his wife Blanche to help them with the next heists. Unfortunately things do not go well.

Clyde’s brother and his wife got arrested after in a robbery, forcing Bonnie and Clyde, along with C.W. to escape with their lives. Misfortune glazes over the wanted couple when Moss’ father makes a deal with the police in exchange for the leniency for his son. The next day Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed and killed by the police on the road as they are helping Mr. Moss with his flat tire.