Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Costume

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt Pick this long-sleeved white button-down shirt as the base outfit of Dr. Jekyll’s persona.
2 Black Vest Add this formal black vest to start off the regalia of Mr. Hyde.
3 Black Red Stripe Tie Affix the doctor’s tie to your shirt and tuck the bottom part beneath the vest.
4 Black Dress Pants Pair your tops with this black dress pants that is suitable for both your dual characters.
5 Black Oxford Shoes In the same way, match all your clothing with these classic black oxford shoes fitting for both identities.
6 Black Victorian Tailcoat Accentuate the mysterious nature of Mr. Hyde by choosing to garb him with this black Victorian tailcoat.
7 Professional Medical Coat Cut this doctor’s coat vertically in half and sew over the tailcoat to display and highlight the duality of your attire.
8 Face and Body Paint Use as necessary this face and body paint to alter Mr. Hyde’s side of your face and corresponding hand to make them look more sinister and brutish.
9 Curly Fluffy Wig Add the necessary amount of disheveled wig to Mr. Hyde’s side of hair.
10 Black Top Hat Don this formal black top hat that is apt for the two characters.
11 Vintage Vampire Cane Let Mr. Hyde carry this vintage cane to add to his menacing image.
12 Medical Patch Let Dr. Jekyll attach this medical patch on his coat to boost his professional profile.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde are the two very opposite main characters in the 1886 novella by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, who are actually one and the same person. Dr. Jekyll is a well-made doctor who aspires to repress the evil side of the personality and creates a serum to separate this hidden evil. By doing so, he is transformed into the mysterious, cruel, and violent Mr. Hyde whenever he drinks the serum.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde are like two faces of the same coin. They wear a long-sleeved white button-down shirt, a striped tie, black pants, black shoes, a black top hat, and white professional medical coat for Dr. Jekyll, and a black vest, black pants, black shoes, a black top hat, and a black Victorian tailcoat for Mr. Hyde.

About Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the first draft of the 30,000-word novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in between three and six days, and did a complete rewritten second draft in only three days.

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story was so popular that its pop culture fingerprint is everywhere. Besides having more than 123 film versions, it also has cartoon adaptations, stage shows, musicals, radio, comedies, parodies, imitations, and has been admitted by Stan Lee to be the inspiration for The Incredible Hulk.

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