Peter Pan's Shadow Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume

Shadow Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Costume Set Select your size from this costume set if you wish.
2 Body Suit For a DIY version, wear this black body suit.
3 Black Shirt Wear the black version of Peter Pan’s shirt.
4 Hat Get this hat to nail Peter’s silhouette.
5 Shoes Step in a pair of boots to complete the look.

Peter Pan’s costume can be paired with his shadow’s costume as well. This can be a good couple costume for your next party! Simply get every piece of Peter’s outfit in black and wear a black body suit, too. This will ensure the whole body is covered in black to perfect the shadow silhouette.

About Peter Pan’s Shadow

Peter Pan’s Shadow is a sentient shadow character from Peter Pan. In the film, Peter goes to the Darlings’ house to listen to stories, but the dog, Nana, barks at them. When Peter escapes, his shadow is captured. Wendy Darling found it and put it in her drawer to keep it out of trouble. The next night, Peter and Tinker Bell return to retrieve it.