Madeline's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Madeline’s Costume

Madeline Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Dress Start the costume with a blue button-down dress.
2 White Collar You can also add a white collar to the look to add a school-girl touch.
3 Red Ribbon Then, get a red ribbon as neck tie, too.
4 Shrug Wear a blue shrug to complete the look.
5 Yellow Hat Top the costume with a cool hat.
6 White Socks Add a pair of white socks to the outfit.
7 Black Shoes Make sure to wear a pair of dark shoes to complete the Parisian school girl outfit.
8 Red Wig Madeline is also the only redhead In her school, so be sure to wear a wig.

Madeline’s iconic look features a school girl attire in blue. Recreate Madeline and her classmate’s looks with a blue button-down dress styled with a shrug or mini cape, a red tie, and a yellow ribbon. Skip town wearing a pair of white socks and black shoes, too.

About Madeline

Madeline is a character created by Ludwig Bemelmans. Madeline is the main character in the big franchise. The books are beloved for its rhyme scheme and colorful images of Paris. Madeline is known as one of the smallest students in the all-girls school and is also a trouble-maker.

Madeline is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the children’s book series “Madeline,” created by Ludwig Bemelmans. The first book, simply titled “Madeline,” was published in 1939, and it has since become a classic in children’s literature.

Madeline is a young, spirited, and adventurous girl who lives in a Catholic boarding school in Paris called the “Ludwig Bemelmans’ Boarding School for Girls” or the “Old House in Paris that was Covered with Vines.” She is the smallest and most mischievous of the twelve girls who live at the school, but she is also the bravest.

Throughout the series, Madeline goes on various exciting adventures, often getting into mischief but always finding a way to overcome challenges with her cleverness and courage. She is known for her distinctive appearance, including her red hair, blue coat, yellow hat with a black ribbon, and her yellow plaid uniform.

The “Madeline” books are beloved for their charming illustrations and rhyming text, and they have been praised for their timeless appeal and positive messages about friendship, bravery, and independence. The character of Madeline has become an iconic figure in children’s literature, inspiring readers around the world to be brave, kind, and adventurous. The enduring popularity of the “Madeline” series has led to numerous adaptations, including an animated television show and a live-action film, ensuring that Madeline’s adventures continue to captivate new generations of young readers.