The Princess Merida from Brave Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Princess Merida costume

Princess Merida Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Medieval Princess Dress Merida’s deep emerald dress looks amazing beside her bright orange hair.
2 Curly Auburn Wig Merida’s super curly, ginger locks are now iconic so don’t forget to put on a wig to complete your Merida costume.
3 Bow and Arrow Set Merida is an amazing archer (probably the best in the land) so she always brings her bow and quiver of arrows wherever she goes.
4 Girls Costume Little girls can also become this brave princess with this amazing gown.
5 Adult Full Costume Set Even adults can be princesses, so if you don’t have the time just buy this full costume set!
6 3 Bears Necklace Optional Prop

If there’s a princess who doesn’t want to be one in the franchise, it would be Merida. This headstrong and rebellious young lady only wants one thing: to be able to control her destiny.

Her role and responsibilities as a princess of her clan just makes this a little bit impossible. No matter, she is skilled and compassionate and she loves her family to bits.

Merida’s outfit (much to her discomfort) is that of a regular medieval Scottish princess. She wears a long casual gown of emerald green which perfectly contrasts with her bright orange locks, and she loves bringing along her bow and arrow. Here’s everything you need to look like Merida.

About Merida

Merida is voiced by actress Kelly Macdonald . She also portrayed Helena Ravenclaw or the Grey Lady in the Harry Potter film adaptations.

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