Shrek & Princess Fiona Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Shrek Costume

Shrek Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fat Suit Wear this fat suit to approximate the over-all bulk of on ogre.
2 Tunic Shirt Display the simple and rugged lifestyle of an ogre by choosing this tunic shirt.
3 Brown Vest Put this plain brown vest over your tunic.
4 Brown Leggings Match your vest and appear like a peasant ogre with this fitted brown leggings.
5 Brown Rugged Belt Complement your attire by tying this brown rugged belt on your waistline over your tunic.
6 Dark Cloth Shoes Complete your outfit with this pair of dark cloth shoes.
7 Mask Helmet and Hands Get that unmistakable look by picking up this special Shrek helmet mask and hands set.
8 Full Costume Set Choose this full costume set instead of DIY-ing for an easier route.
9 Boys Costume Set Transform your kid into Shrek with this full costume set.

How to Make Princess Fiona Costume

Princess Fiona Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Fiona Dress Exhibit an ambience of royalty with this green princess dress.
2 Green Flat Shoes Match your attire with this pair of comfortable green flat shoes.
3 Long Brown Braided Wig Look like Fiona with this long red braided wig.
4 Crown Be undeniably aristocratic by donning this princess crown.
5 Ogre Green Face and Body Paint Use this ogre green face and body paint to have Princess Fiona’s complexion.
6 Full Costume Set Pick this full costume set instead of piece by piece.
7 Girls Full Costume Transform your girl into this feisty yet loving princess.

Shrek and Princess Fiona are the leading couple in the American computer-animated film franchise Shrek made by Dreamworks Animation. Shrek is just a typical ogre who lives alone and takes pleasure in scaring people. However, he unintentionally became a hero and is unwittingly matched with Princess Fiona, a feisty, independent, and down-to-earth princess. Incidentally, she was cursed since childhood to become an ogre herself every night, and eventually chose to become an ogre permanently with Shrek for all time.

Shrek and Princess Fiona are green-skinned ogres that live happily with each other. They wear a tunic shirt, a brown vest, brown leggings, a brown rugged belt, and dark cloth shoes for Shrek, and a long green princess dress, a princess crown, and green flat shoes for Princess Fiona.

About Shrek and Princess Fiona

Shrek was voiced by Mike Myers. Myers is also known for his roles in Austin Powers, The Love Guru, and The Cat in the Hat.

Princess Fiona was voiced by Cameron Diaz. Diaz is also known for her roles in There’s Something About Mary, Vanilla Sky, Charlie’s Angels, and The Mask.

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