Roz's Costume from Monsters, Inc. for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Roz’s Costume from Monsters, Inc.

Roz Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Paint Add a thin layer of yellow paint to your face.
2 Wig Wear a white troll wig.
3 Khaki Dress Get a floor-length maxi dress, too.
4 Sweater Add a maroon sweater on top of the dress.
5 Eyeglasses Be sure to wear cat eye glasses to complete the costume.
6 Eyeglass Chain Use a chain on the glasses to recreate Roz’s eyewear.

To rock Rox’s look, you can wear a thin layer of yellow paint on your face. Once it dries, get a white troll-style wig. Wear a brown or khaki dress and top it off with a maroon blazer. Complete the costume with a pair of cat eyeglasses with a chain.

About Roz

Roz is a character from the animated film Monsters, Inc.. She is a supporting character in the film whi appears like a slug. She is known as being a grumpy corporate-dressed monster who leads the CDA aka the Child Detection Agency. In the film, Roz can be seen as the key master of Scare Floor F.

Roz is a character from the beloved Disney/Pixar animated film, Monsters, Inc., which was released in 2001. She is an integral part of the film’s storyline and provides comedic relief throughout.

Roz works as the strict, no-nonsense administrative assistant for the scare floor at Monsters, Inc., which is a company that harnesses children’s screams to power their city. She is known for her deadpan expression, raspy voice, and often scolding other monsters for not following the rules.

Roz’s appearance consists of horn-rimmed glasses, a lavender sweater, and a hairstyle reminiscent of a beehive. Her exact species remains unknown, though she bears resemblance to a slug-like creature with multiple legs. Despite her seemingly unlikable demeanor and stern attitude towards her co-workers, audiences quickly develop an affectionate fondness for Roz due to her witty one-liners and dry sense of humor.

Throughout the movie, Roz becomes particularly interested in Mike Wazowski, one of the film’s main characters. She grows suspicious of his behavior as he attempts to return Boo, a human child who accidentally enters the monster world through her closet door. Roz (spoiler alert!) ultimately reveals herself to be Agent #001 of the CDA (Child Detection Agency), tasked with apprehending any monsters found making contact with children.

Despite Roz’s stern persona throughout most of the movie, she later displays surprising compassion towards Sulley, another main character who has grown attached to Boo. In one memorable scene at the end of the film when Sulley expects punishment from Roz for his actions, she unexpectedly hands him Boo’s door piece as an act of kindness.

Roz’s character adds depth and complexity to Monsters Inc.'s plotline beyond just being a grumpy enforcer figure. Her role showcases that appearances can be deceiving—she exhibits both strictness and vulnerability in equal measure.

Due to Roz’s popularity, she appeared in the film’s prequel, Monsters University, released in 2013. The prequel offers more insight into her character, where she is shown as a young monster who was once a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity.

Roz’s memorable lines and unique personality have made her a fan-favorite character from Monsters, Inc. Her unexpected twists and humorous moments add an extra layer of enjoyment to an already beloved animated film.