Holli Would Costume from Cool World for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Holli Would’s Costume from Cool World

Holli Would Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bikini Get a sexy bikini top to start.
2 Skirt You can also add a skirt to the costume or wear the bikini as is.
3 Socks Keep the look white and bright with this pair of socks.
4 Shoes Then, wear white pumps.
5 Choker You can get a choker to add to the costume.
6 Wig Rock the femme fatale look with a blonde wig.

Holli Would’s outfit perfectly captures the femme fatale aspect of old Hollywood. To rock her outfit, be sure to wear a white bikini and mini skirt. Style it with a pair of long socks and white shoes. You can also wear a choker and blonde wig to complete the costume.

About Holli Would

Holli Would is a character from the film Cool World. Holli is a creation of cartoonist Jack Deebs in a series called Cool World. Holli wishes to escape the cartoon universe and wants to be a real human in the human world. Holli found a way to smuggle Jack into their world to the distress of Cool World’s police.