Augustus Gloop's (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Augustus Gloop’s Costume from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Augustus Gloop Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fat Belly Recreate his chubby stature with a fake belly.
2 Striped Shirt Then, wear an oversized striped shirt on top.
3 Denim Shorts Wear a pair of denim shorts to add to the casual look.
4 Socks Get a pair of black socks.
5 Red Shoes Match the socks with sneakers, too.
6 Chocolate Prop You can also carry chocolate props for this costume!

Augustus Gloop wears a striped shirt and denim shorts. He also wears a pair of black socks and red sneakers. Complete the costume with chocolate props, too!

About Augustus Gloop

Augustus Gloop is a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is characterized as greedy and obese. Augustus is one of the first who found his Golden Ticket. He is also the first to leave the Factory after falling into a chocolate river where he was later drawn by a pipe and sent to the Fudge Room, leading to a humorous and memorable incident. Augustus Gloop serves as a cautionary character, highlighting the consequences of excessive greed and indulgence.