Kevin Mccallister & Home Alone Robbers / Wet Bandits Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Kevin McCallister Costume

Kevin Mccallister Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange T-Shirt Kevin wears an orange shirt underneath his sweater for extra warmth.
2 Red Knit Sweater Don’t forget to wear Kevin’s iconic red knit sweater.
3 Olive Pants Feel like a soldier in a pair of olive pants.
4 Brown Boots Wear a sturdy pair of brown boots for devious holiday planning.
5 Toy Rifle with Sling Keep a toy rifle with you to make you feel brave.
6 Red Hair Dryer Anything, even a hair dryer, can be a weapon if you’re desperate enough.

It’s really easy to feel bitter and resentful when most of your siblings and cousins pick on you. And as part of a big family, it really doesn’t help that Kevin is sometimes neglected. Despite that, Kevin does appreciate his family. He just needed to miss them… and needed to experience defending his home from bandits through devious and mischievous pranks.

How to make Harry & Marv / Wet Bandits / Home Alone Robbers Costume

Home Alone Robbers Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Marv Costume

# Item Description
1 White Undershirt Keep yourself warm with a basic white undershirt.
2 Grey Shirt Top that with another layer of warmth in the form of a grey shirt.
3 Yellow Vest Look a bit cuter with a yellow vest.
4 Brown Wool Coat Look discreet with a brown wool coat.
5 Regular-Fit Denim Pants Move quicker in a pair of regular-fit denim pants.
6 Brown Boots Make stealing easier with a pair of brown boots.
7 Fake Crowbar Bring along a fake crowbar as a weapon.

How to Make Harry (John Pesci) Costume

# Item Description
1 Grey Undershirt Wear a grey undershirt to keep you warm.
2 Khaki Button-Down Shirt Look more classic with a khaki button-down shirt.
3 Brown Vest Add an extra layer of warmth with this brown vest.
4 Brown Wool Coat Look comfy in a brown wool coat.
5 Regular-Fit Denim Pants A pair of regular-fit denim pants makes it easier to move stealthily.
6 Black Boots Keep comfortable with a pair of black boots.
7 Black Sweatband Make it look like you burned a beanie with a black sweatband.
8 White Feathers Put a few white feathers on your sweatband to look disheveled.

The Wet Bandits comprise of Harry Lime and Marvin Merchants. They are a pair of burglars who like stealing from rich houses. The duo met their downfall when they targeted the McCallister house and got busted by 8-year-old Kevin McCallister.

Harry and Marv are bundled in rugged and warm winter clothes. Both villains wear different layers of brown. They have on undershirts and wool coats to keep them warm while they rob houses. Here’s everything you need to look like Harry and Marv, or the Wet Bandits.

About Kevin Mccallister

Kevin Maccallister was portrayed by Macaulay Culkin for the Home Alone franchise. Kevin Mccallister is the brunt of the jokes because he’s the youngest from a really big family. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own. He is one of the most famous American child actors, and is known for his roles in My Girl, The Good Son, and Richie Rich.

About Wet Bandits

The Wet Bandits were comprised of Harry (played by Joe Pesci) and Marv (played by Daniel Stern).

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