Mrs White (Clue) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mrs White’s Costume from Clue

Mrs White Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Strapless Black Dress You’ll be off to a good start with her look once you wear this black dress.
2 Black Belt Add sparkle to the dress with this piece.
3 Black Sleeves Get a pair of black sleeves and pull it on the part of your biceps.
4 Stockings Style your dress with a pair of stockings.
5 Heels She also got a pair of black heels to keep her elegant look going.
6 Necklace and Bracelet Add another elegant touch with this pearl-like accessories.
7 Black Wig If your hair is not the same length as her, be sure to get this wig, too.
8 Pillbox hat & veil complete the look with pillbox hat & veil.
9 Black blazor You can also wear a black blazor.
10 candlestick prop Mrs. White murder weapon as optional prop.

Mrs Clue’s costume features an elegant take on the Little Black dress. She wears a black dress with no straps and matches it with a short arm sleeve on her biceps. For her shoes, Mrs Clue got a black pair of heels styled with stockings. To complete her look, be sure to wear a pearl necklace and bracelet and add a shiny accent to the look with a belt. Wear a wig if you need one, too!

About Mrs White

Mrs White is a character from the film based from the board game called Clue. It is known as a black comedy mystery film thanks to its origins from the board game. It follows six individuals who were invited to a mystery mansion in New England. The guest receive a pseudonym where Mrs White got hers. She was once the original suspect in the original board game but was removed in 2016.