Miss Scarlet (Clue) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Miss Scarlet Costume

Miss Scarlet Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Cocktail Dress Look instantly glamorous in a stunning red cocktail dress.
2 Red Heels Elevate your look with a pair of red stiletto heels.
3 Red Gloves A pair of red opera gloves can instantly create a vibe of luxury in your outfits.
4 Red Boa Appear rich and glam with a red boa on your shoulders.
5 Red Headpiece Feel like a powerful women with this red headpiece on your hair.
6 Noose Rope Necktie Bring along a noose rope as your choice of weapon.
7 Toy Knife A toy knife is also a good weapon choice.

Miss Scarlet is one of the characters you can play in the game, Cluedo. She depicts the stereotypical femme fatale which is why Miss Scarlet is often portrayed as an attractive woman. She is also usually shown as young and highly cunning. Miss Scarlet rolls first in the game.

There have been lots of versions when it comes to Miss Scarlet’s outfit. They key thing to remember is to look glamorous in all your red-themed looks. Miss Scarlet is usually depicted in a seductive red dress, long red gloves, a red boa, and her choice of weapon (sometimes a noose or a gun).

About Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet was portrayed by Lesley Ann Warren for the 1985 film, Clue, based on the game. Warren is also known for her roles in Victor Victoria, Daredevil, Cinderella, and Dirty Diana.

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