Spawn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Spawn Costume

Spawn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Full Bodysuit Use a full black bodysuit as the base of your Spawn costume.
2 White Textile Paint White textile paint is perfect for the white details on Spawn’s outfit.
3 Red Cloak Add a ‘super’ vibe to your costume by wearing a billowing red cape.
4 Black Combat Boots Keep comfy with a pair of durable black combat boots.
5 Mask Look eerily like Spawn with this mask on.
6 Red Studded 3-Layer Wristband Wear this red studded accessories like Spawn does.
7 Half Skull Vest Extender Use these skulls as cool cloak fasteners.
8 Skull Buckle Black Belt Match the cloak skulls with an equally cool skull belt.
9 Chain Prop Add chains to your outfit to finish off the vengeful look.

Spawn was born as Al Simmons, gifted US Marine, ruthless Secret Service agent, Elite Covert Ops agent, and Hellspawn. After being murdered and sent to Hell, he was resurrected and went back to earth to become a vengeful vigilante.

Spawn wears a black, white, and red suit that hides his whole identity. He wears a black bodysuit with white details, a red cape, a black and white mask, and chains.

About Spawn

Spawn was portrayed by Michael Jai White. White is also known for his roles in Black Dynamite, The Dark Knight, and Exit Wounds.

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