A Cowgirl from the Ranch Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

Costumet Team

You’ve heard of them before that’s for sure! They are the bad ass cattle herders of the West and they could do the same things that those cowboys can do as well. Dressing up as a cowgirl is now considered a classic, whether it’s for Halloween or your office party! You can never go wrong with this costume!

There has been many variations to the cowgirl costume throughout the years, with some provocative ones saturating the market nowadays. But if you want to be a cowgirl this year and still keep your bits well covered, you can! Here’s everything you need to look like a Cowgirl.

How to Dress Like A Bad Ass Cowgirl

Cowgirl Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 Red Collared Long-Sleeved Gingham Shirt A simple statement that gives a Western vibe is a red, collared Gingham shirt with long sleeves so wear that!
2 Brown Fringe Skirt Another simple touch is wearing a brown skirt designed with a fringe.
3 White and Pink Cowgirl Hat Add a bit of femininity to your costume by wearing a white and pink cowgirl hat.
4 Cowgirl Boots Cowgirls need to do lots of jobs out in the ranch so wear a sturdy pair of boots.
5 Pink Shotgun It might not be practical, but it makes for a good costume prop so bring along a pink fake shotgun.
6 Cowgirl Girls Full Costume Set Your little girl can also be a cowgirl with this full costume set.
7 Cowgirl Full Costume Set If you want to buy everything from one place, this full set is for you!

About Cowgirl

Cowgirls are the female counterparts of cowboys. However, they are less documented than cowboys. Both cowgirls and cowboys do the same job, animal herding and various other tasks in the ranches of North America.

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