Nina the Killer's Costume from Creepypasta for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Nina the Killer’s Costume from Creepypasta

Nina The Killer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Hoodie Start the look with this purple hoodie.
2 Skirt Wear a black skater skirt, too.
3 Striped Socks Get a pair of striped socks to wear with the sneakers.
4 Sneakers Wear black and white sneakers.
5 Wig Then, be sure to get a black wig in a ponytail.
6 Purple Highlights Cut a small part of this hair highlight clip and put it on the bangs.
7 Red Ribbon Get a red ribbon to style the hair.
8 Fake Blood Use a fake blood kit to recreate Nina’s bloody face.

Nina’s outfit features a look that is worn by teenage girls. Start with a purple hoodie, striped socks, and sneakers. Then wear a dark wig in a ponytail, too. Complete the costume with fake blook on the face.

About Nina the Killer

Nina the Killer is the main character from the Creepypasta story. Her real name is Nina Hopkins who used to be a fan of Jeff The Killer. However, she turned into a remorseless killer which first showed Nina’s penchant to killing after being bullied at school.