Jeff the Killer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

The point of Jeff’s outfit is not his clothing or shoes, but his incredibly creepy and horrific face. Jeff’s clothing is very simple consisting just of a plain white hooded sweatshirt, skinny black emo jeans, and black combat boots.

His face is what truly gives him the scary look and makes his name Jeff the Killer. After he went insane and began murdering people, he also decided to make his face look murderous. He slit his lips, to give him a grim and bloody smile.

He also cut his eyelids off so that his eyes would look psychotic and be bulging out. His hair that frames his shocking face is long, black, and stringy.

How to Make Jeff the Killer Costume

Jeff The Killer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mask, jeff, horror Jeff’s face is one of the most horrific faces you’ve ever seen. His eyes bulge out of his head, his smile is stretched out and blood red, and his skin is an incredible shade of pale.
2 Wig, black, straight His hair is long, black, and stringy. This wig is the perfect item to get Jeff’s hair.
3 Sweatshirt, white Jeff wears a white sweatshirt that is very simple and plain. All focus of the costume should go on his face.
4 Jeans, black Jeff’s jeans are black and slim fitting, giving him a sort of emo look.
5 Knife, bloody, costume Jeff’s choice of murder weapon is his butcher knife. Obviously he kills a lot, so the knife must be bloody.
6 Boots, black Black boots are the finishing touch on Jeff’s costume. They are a sort of edgy style, but simple because the focus is not on them.

About Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer is part of Creepypasta, a collection of characters in horror Internet legends. Jeff is an insane murderer who enjoys killing as much as he can.

Before his turn to insanity, he was a bullied kid who defended himself and his brother from bullies by hurting or killing them, which led to his turn to insanity.