Black Mask Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Black Mask Costume

Black Mask Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full-Head Black Mask Get a full-covered Black Mask’s mask.
2 Black Long Sleeved Shirt Get a plain black buttoned down business shirt.
3 White Necktie A plain white necktie it suitable for the look.
4 White Suit Blazer Look for a plain white suit jacket.
5 White Suit Vest Don’t forget to wear a white tuxedo vest over the black shirt.
6 Black Gloves A simple pair of black gloves are suitable for the look.
7 White Formal Pants Pair up your top with a pair of plain white pants.
8 White Formal Shoes Get plain white loafers to match with the outfit.
9 Formal Black Belt Get a simple business belt in black color.
10 Pistol Gun Prop Pick up a costume gun to reveal your criminal side.

Black Mask is one of the characters whose names speak of their appearance. He wears a full-head skull-like mask in carbon black color. In contrast to the fearsome mask, he is often seen wearing a neat business suit, especially the white one with a black shirt, black gloves, a white necktie, white business pants, and white formal shoes. Sounds awesome? Follow our needed item list down below to recreate the look!

About Black Mask

Black Mask or Roman Sionis, in the New Earth version, is a big criminal figure in Gotham City and a major rival of Batman. Roman holds his grudge at Batman for he believes that Bruce Wayne’s one of the people who’s responsible for his destroyed reputation when he was running the cosmetic company. Therefore, Roman has created his criminal persona and taken the name of Black Mask. He also runs the criminal organization named “The False Face Society.”