Captain Cold (The Flash) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Captain Cold’s Costume from DC Comics The Flash

Captain Cold’s easy-to-style costume is waiting for you!

Captain Cold Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Hooded Jacket Start with this hooded jacket.
2 Black Top Wear this black top under the jacket.
3 Dark Pants Pair the top with dark pants.
4 Boots Then cop this pair of boots.
5 Shades Wear this shades a-la Captain Cold
6 Toy Gun Carry this toy gun to complete the look.

The best way to cop Captain Cold’s look is to go with the basics. Get a navy or dark blue colored jacket with a furry hood. Then wear a dark shirt underneath and pair it with dark pants. Wear combat boots or winter boots, too! Get a toy gun to complete the look!

About Captain Cold

Captain Cold is a character from DC Comics. He is known as a leader of a crime ring called the Rogues and is also notable as an antagonist to the Flash. His alter ego is Leonard Snart who was raised in an abusive household before turning to live with is grandpa who ran an ice truck.

He discovered that the guns and weapons he created were able to harness the power of the cyclotron to contain the Flash. His inclinations include money, women, and his desire to beat Barry Allen and the Flash.