Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad/Birds of Prey) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Costume

Harley Quinn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Harley’s ‘Daddy’s Lil’ Monster’ Shirt She is truly Daddy Joker’s little monster as Harley’s raglan shirt announces.
2 Blue and Red Sparkly Shorts Harley wears super skimpy shorts in the movie but this blue and red metallic shorts is a good enough alternative if you want to cover your bum better.
3 Red and Blue Bomber Jacket Another awesome piece Harley wears is her red and blue bomber jacket.
4 Black Fishnet Stockings To keep her legs a bit warm and to add to her style, Harley loves her black fishnet stockings.
5 Red Fingerless Leather Gloves Punching and swinging her bat is hard work so Harley keeps her hands protected with a red fingerless gloves.
6 Fake Tattoos Harley went kind of overboard with her tattoos so make sure to put on many fake tatts to complete your Harley Quinn look.
7 White ‘Puddin’ Collar She belongs to her Puddin’ and she wants the world to know with her white collar necklace.
8 Harley’s ‘Good Night’ Bat Since it’ll be the last thing you’ll see if ever Harley decides to use it against you, her bat is aptly named ‘Good Night.’
9 Blonde Wig Wear a blonde wig in pigtails and make sure to have red and blue underlights.
10 Full Costume Set You can always buy this full set if you don’t want to look for each individual piece.

Clownish and insane as she may be, no one can deny the loyalty and devotion Harley Quinn has for the love of her demented life, the Joker. Her obsession with her Mr. J is unhealthy and scary but anyone can see that she loves him with all her life.

Beyond her dangerous and unhinged personality, Harley Quinn possesses a certain aura that just makes her a genuine fan favorite.

Harley Quinn has had many outfit changes throughout her appearances, and the most well-known today would probably be her updated look for the movie Suicide Squad.

Here she wears a captioned raglan shirt, pink and red super short shorts, an awesome bomber jacket, and black fishnets. Here’s everything you need to look like Harley Quinn.

How to Make Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey) Costume

Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Crop Tank Start with a plain pink crop top.
2 Red/Orange Suspenders Add a funny quirk to your outfit with neon orange suspenders.
3 Clear Rainbow Confetti Jacket Look extra fabulous with a clear, rainbow confetti jacket.
4 Ripped Denim Shorts Keep it simple with light-washed denim shorts.
5 White Western Boots The white western boots add a fun, classy twist to Harley’s outfit.
6 Wig Don’t forget to wear this wig to get Harley’s signature look.
7 White Body Paint Use white paint to get Harley’s clown-line complexion.
8 Temporary Tattoos Place a smattering of temporary tattoos to look more like Harley.
9 Red Lipstick Paint your lips red.
10 Necklace Accessorize with Harley’s one-of-a-kind necklace.
11 Mallet Arm yourself with Harley’s mallet.
12 Full Costume Set Don’t want to DIY? Get this costume set instead.

Harley Quinn is the ditzy love interest of the Joker, but not anymore. When the Joker broke up with her, Harley decides to find like-minded women and formed a gang with them wrecking havoc in Gotham while taking down a villain.

Harley Quinn is still as quirky as ever as seen by her out-of-this-world choices. She wears a pink crop top, orange suspenders, a unique rainbow jacket, denim shorts, and white western boots.

Get Harley Quinn’s Other Outfits

# Item Description
1 Classic Full Costume Set If you want to channel classic Harley, this full set is the one you need!
2 Full Costume Set Here’s another one of Harley’s awesome outfits.
3 Full Costume Set No one can deny that Harley Quinn has nice fashion sense!

About Harley Quinn

The voice that started it all for Harley Quinn is none other than Arleen Sorkin who made her the memorable psycho she is today.

But of course, the younger generation knows Harley Quinn better in the film adaptation of Suicide Squad where she was played by Margot Robbie. Robbie is also known for her roles in Mary, Queen of Scots, The Wolf of Wall Street, and I, Tonya.

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