Enchantress (Suicide Squad) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Enchantress (Suicide Squad) Costume

Enchantress Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Strapless Bra Get a plain black strapless bra.
2 Black Boyshort Underpants Pair up your bra with plain black boy-short underpants.
3 Black Gladiator Shoes Match your outfit with a pair of black gladiator-styled shoes.
4 Crescent Moon Headpiece Wear a crescent moon headpiece on your head as the symbol of Enchantress.
5 Long Metal Tassel Necklace Look for a metal tassel necklace that gives an exotic feeling.
6 Metal Armcuff Get a pair of metal arm cuffs to wear.
7 Silver Body Link Harness Wear a silver body harness to get even more mystical look.
8 Silver Belly Dance Belt Put a metal tassel belt on your underpants.
9 Super Long Black Wig Recreate Enchantress’ long dark hair with a super long black wig.
10 Black Temporary Tattoo Cover yourself in black temporary tattoos.
11 Black Eyeshadow Create a dark-messy makeup with a matte black eyeshadow.

Enchantress has two looks in the movie: the one where she’s weakened and the other when she grows to power. In this article we will stick with her weakened look since it appears more in the film.

She wears a strapless bra with dark shorts, the crescent moon headpiece, a metal necklace, metal armbands with chains, and a metal belt. She also has long tangled black hair and lots of mystical tattoos on her body. If you want to recreate Enchantress look, follow our item list down below!

About Enchantress

Enchantress, portrayed by Cara Delevingne, is the main antagonist in the 2016 DCEU movie Suicide Squad, a movie that follows the group of many well-known DC villains which is recruited by the government to fight crimes.

Legend has it, Enchantress is an ancient witch who’s capable of manipulating the mystical energy. Being merely a force of nature in the present days, Enchantress takes over June Moone’s body and uses it as a vessel to walk among earth. As she’s about to destroy Midway city with her mystical power, Enchantress is destroyed by the squad.