Hawkgirl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Justice League’s Hawkgirl (DC Comics) Costume

Hawkgirl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Wing-Shaped Mask Get a wing-shaped mask/helmet to wear.
2 Yellow Strapless Top Look for a yellow strapless top.
3 Green Spandex Tight Pants Match your top with a pair of dark green spandex tight pants.
4 Red Latex Underwear Put a red latex underwear on top of your pants.
5 Red Leather High Boots Pick a pair of red leather high boots.
6 Black Leather Belt Choose a simple and plain black leather belt to put over the outfit.
7 White Bird Wings Costume Get a pair of white wings to put on your back. Choose the style and size that you prefer.
8 Orange Long Wig Recreate Hawkgirl’s hairstyle with an orange long wig.
9 Battle Mace Prop Carry a mace as your signature weapon.

Like other superhero characters, Hawkgirl has the iconic outfit. Despite the differences in various interpretations, the Hawkgirl outfits include the same color scheme: yellow, green, red. She wears a wing-shaped mask, yellow strapless top, green tight pants topped with red shorts, a black belt, red high boots, and a pair of wings.

Hawkgirl carries a mace as her weapon. Do you want to replicate Hawkgirl’s style? Follow our list down below!

About Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl is well-known as a member of Justice League of DC. She’s often appeared side by side with her counterpart, Hawkman. Some people recognize her character, played by Ciara Renée, in various CW series such as Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow.

Hawkgirl’s history can be traced back to an ancient-Egyptian time. For her ability, she has a pair of wings which allowed her to fly through the atmosphere of planets. She also has an enhanced physical strength, endurance, and durability.