Scarlet Scarab Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Scarlet Scarab’s Costume

Scarlet Scarab Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gold Top Get a golden top to start.
2 Red Sticker Then, cut red stickers to cover the sides of the gold top to create a slim silhouette.
3 Gold Wing Get a golden pair of wings.
4 White Cloth Cut a yard of cloth to wear on the waist.
5 Tights Keep the golden look coming with these tights.
6 Boots Put a feminine touch to the costume with this pair of boots.
7 Bangles Go for more shine with golden bangles.
8 Swords Carry two golden swords to match the costume.
9 Belt Style the look with a golden belt.
10 Necklace Wear this necklace for an elegant touch to the Scarlet Scarab look.
11 Wig Top off the look with a curly wig.

Scarlet Scarab’s look features a golden ensemble with a red accent. Start the look with a gold tank top styled with red fabric or stickers on the side. Then, keep the golden look going with tights, a belt, boots, and arm guards. Cut a piece of white cloth to put on the loins. Complete the costume by wearing a curly wig. Carry swords and get a pair of wings, too.

About Scarlet Scarab

Scarlet Scarab refers to three characters from Marvel Comics. One Scarlet Scarab character is called Layla El-Faouly who appeared in the show Moon Knight. She is introduced as a daughter of a scholar. Later, she joined the Karnak Cowboys where he met Marc-Spector who would become the Moon Knight after Layla died. Layla eventually becomes the Scarlet Scarab after her death.