Professor Zoom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Professor Zoom Costume

Professor Zoom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Zentai, suit, yellow Start with a yellow Zentai suit for Professor Zoom’s costume. His main color is yellow, so there is a lot of yellow in this suit.
2 Paint, fabric, red You can use this red fabric paint to copy Zoom’s red suit accents onto the yellow Zentai suit. He has markings on his arms and waist that you can easily copy with this paint.
3 Helmet, yellow Zoom’s helmet is about the same as the Flash’s helmet. The yellow color and all the details are very similar.
4 Logo, Zoom, blue Zoom’s logo is one thing that is different about him. His logo is blue, not red like the Flash’s.
5 Boots, red, tall One large part of Zoom’s costume that is not yellow, is his red boots. These boots are quite tall, and very bright red.

Professor Zoom’s super villain suit is almost the same as the Flash’s suit. That is because the Flash was Zoom’s idol. He wanted to be like the Flash in anyway possible, whatever it took.

He has the same yellow suit with red accents as the Flash did. However, his logo is blue, and not red like the Flash’s.

He also has the same yellow helmet with red lightning blots sticking out from the sides. Lastly, his boots are the same red boots as the Flash’s.

If Zoom didn’t become an evil version of the Flash, he could have been the new Flash after Barry Allen’s death. However, despite the similarities in costumes and powers, the likeness between Zoom and the Flash end there.

About Professor Zoom

Professor Zoom, also known as Eobard Thawne, is The Flash’s enemy from the future. Eobard came from the 25th century to try and meet Barry Allen who was the Flash.

He was obsessed with the Flash, but after finding out he had died before he could meet him, he grew to hate him.