Reverse-Flash Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Reverse-Flash Costume

Reverse Flash Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Helmet, logo, flash Reverse-Flash’s helmet is virtually the same as the Flash’s, and he also has the same logo as the Flash.
2 Jacket, leather, yellow & black The difference between the Flash’s outfit and Reverse-Flash’s outfit is that Reverse-Flash has a lot more black in his look. Like with this black and yellow jacket, it is mostly black with just a bit of yellow.
3 Pants, leather, black He wears these black leather pants that meld with the black part of the leather jacket to create the look of a put together evil villain’s suit.
4 Gloves, black, leather Every evil villain needs a good pair of leather clothes that go with their suit; Reverse-Flash has black ones similar to these.
5 Boots, black, tall These tall heavy duty black lace-up boots complete the Reverse-Flash look. They are hardcore and strong enough to withstand running at super-speed.
6 Ring Optional prop

The Reverse-Flash’s evil villain suit is quite similar to superhero Flash’s suit, and that is because Reverse-Flash is like the Flash, but evil.

He has the same kind of yellow as the Flash in his helmet and in part of his jacket, but the rest of his suit is all black, signifying his evilness.

He even has basically the same logo as the Flash on his helmet, and pinned to his jacket. Besides his half bright yellow and black leather jacket, he also has black leather pants, and black leather gloves which all sort of meld together to look like a one piece suit.

On his feet he wears heavy duty black boots that fit in with his much armored look that can withstand traveling at super-speed.

About Reverse-Flash

Reverse-Flash, also known as Eobard Thawne is the most well-known Reverse-Flash in the DC comics series. He is the main archenemy of Barry Allen, who is considered to be the second Flash.

The position of Reverse-Flash is like a title that many have taken, but Eobard Thawne, who is also Professor Zoom, is considered to be the best.