Wonder Twins Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Wonder Twins’ Costume

You and your sibling can rock this Wonder Twins costume. Simply cop the pieces below:

For Jayna Costume

Jayna Wonder Twins Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bodysuit Start Jayna’s look with a spandex body suit.
2 Shirt Wear this shirt like Zan’s.
3 Purple Belt Wear a purple belt, too.
4 Yellow Sticker Accentuate the belt with this yellow sticker at the center.
5 Purple Gloves Wear this purple gloves.
6 Purple Cloth Keep the collars up with this cloth.
7 Purple Boot Wear your choice of boots, just line it with this item.
8 Black Wig Cop her short hair with this wig.
9 Full Costume Or cop this Jayna costume for a packaged set.

For Zan Costume

Wonder Twins Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Spandex Get this purple spandex suit.
2 Zan Shirt Top the spandex with this printed shirt.
3 Purple Belt Keep the shirt tight and in place with this belt.
4 Yellow Sticker Add a yellow detail at the center of the belt.
5 Purple Gloves Wear this pair of gloves.
6 Purple Cloth Get this piece of cloth to use as an extended collar.
7 Purple Boots Get this boot liner to use with your footwear.
8 Black Wig Keep the look cool with this short wig.

Jayna and Zan’s costume from Wonder Twins primarily consists of purple body tights. This main costume is styled with a darker purple belt and pair of gloves. Their boots are also purple as as their high collar. To complete the costume, wear short wigs, too!

About Wonder Twins

Wonder Twins is a fictional character duo composed of Jayna and Zan. They first debuted in the animated series caled The All-New Super Friends Hour. Later on, they were introduced in the DC Comics Universe.

The twins are from out of Earth (Exorians). They are orphans who were adopted by a circus company who used them for display as freaks. The clown in the circus showed them kindness and raised them. He even gave them their pet named Gleek. They escape Earth and went to another one where they uncover the plan of its villain called Grax who wished to bomb the earth.