Elektra (Daredevil) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Elektra’s costume

Elektra Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sleeveless Red Turtleneck Look for a sleeveless turtleneck in red color. However, make sure the color is not too bright.
2 Black Sport Fleece Vest Get a simple sport fleece vest in black to wear on top of the turtleneck.
3 Red Gloves Originally the gloves should be partly black and red. But we suggest you get them in all red to add more color into the outfit.
4 Black Slim Fit Pants Any simple designed black slim pants would be perfect.
5 Combat Boots Pick a combat boots in black color to finish your outfit.
6 Sai You should look for a pair of Sai with black handles.
7 Brown Tie Hair If you have light hair, get a dark brown wig to add more character’s similarity.
8 Brown Bracelet Optional
9 Funko POP Marvel: Daredevil TV Elektra Toy Figures Lastly, get Elektra figure from Funko POP if you’re fan.

Elektra is known for her scarlet red outfit and her choice of weapon, Sai. However in the show, Elektra’s outfit is part red and black. She wears a red turtleneck with a black fleece on top, leather gloves, black slim pants, and combat boots. As we know, Elecktra’s signature weapon is a pair of Sai, a famous Okinawan weapon. To recreate this scarlet assassin look, follow our list down below.

About Elektra

Elektra, also known as Elektra Natchios, is currently portrayed by a french actress Élodie Yung in a Marvel show called Daredevil. Her character also appears in The Defender, a TV series in the same universe as Daredevil. Elektra is a fatal assassin who was believed to be the next leader of the assassin organization known as The Hand.

However, her love for Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and the change of belief drove her to fight the organization side by side with him instead. Elektra ended up dead in the last fight. Then The Hand resurrected her with the Resurrection Elixir in hope that this time she would truly become their next leader. For awhile Elektra was under The Hand’s manipulation until she was able to remember her past. And so, with her skill and past wrath, Elektra finally defeats The Hand.