Margaret Wade (Dennis the Menace) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Margaret Wade Costume

Margaret Wade Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sleeveless Collared White Shirt A sleeveless, collared white shirt is a great and simple way to level up a cute, little outfit just like Margaret’s
2 Baby Pink Shirt Soft, feminine, and pretty, the color pink symbolizes everything Margaret strives to be and that’s why she likes wearing it as the color of her top
3 Plain Black Circle Skirt A plain, black skirt is a great neutral color that compliments the bright pink shade of her top. It also makes her look girly
4 White Lace Pencil Skirt To get the lacey detail beneath Margaret’s black skirt, either sew on a piece of lace underneath the skirt or wear a tight, white, lace pencil skirt underneath. The lace detail adds another hint of femininity to the otherwise simple outfit Margaret wears
5 Pink-Striped White Knee-High Socks Knee-high socks are cute and they offer great protection from scratches and insect bites, something that kids like Margaret encounter when playing. Margaret’s has a pink-striped detail on top
6 Black Ankle Strap Shoes Girly yet functional, Margaret’s plain black shoes have ankle straps that make it easier to move around and play. It’s secured well so she doesn’t lose her shoes when she goes off running
7 Black Hair Ribbon Her long, curly hair can be a menace when she’s playing so Margaret ties it back with two black ribbons
8 Big Valentine’s Card He may not like it but Dennis has caught Margaret’s eye and heart. A jumbo Valentine’s card with ‘ To Dennis’ written in front of it is a great indicator of Margaret’s unwavering love for the mischievous, little boy

One of Dennis’ childhood companions is Margaret Wade. She’s spoiled and bratty, and secretly has a huge crush on Dennis. She may get on his nerves (and ours) a lot but she does have a cute style that can easily be copied.

A vision in pink, Margaret wears a cute, pink top, black skirt, and white knee-high socks with pink stripes. The color of her top is a close family shade of her curly, auburn hair. Here’s everything you need to look like Margaret.

About Margaret Wade

In the 1993 movie adaptation of Dennis the Menace, Dennis’ archnemesis slash playmate, Margaret Wade, was played by child actress Amy Sakasitz. What not many of the people know is that one of Dennis’ neighbors in the movie was already a veteran of the series.

Jeannie Russell played one of Dennis’ neighbors in 1993 but back when she was a young girl in 1959, she was the one who played the role of Margaret. In fact, Jay North who played Dennis was the one who asked to work with her.