Orphan Annie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Orphan Annie Costume

Orphan Annie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Plaid Shirt Dress Get a pink plaid dress with a collar.
2 Dark Green Apron Put on a dark green apron with pocket over the dress.
3 Red Open Front Cropped Cardigan Knit Shrug Top the dress and apron with a plain red cropped jacket or shrug with an open front.
4 Green Socks Pick a pair of simple dark green socks, make sure it’s visible but not too high.
5 Vintage Oxford Leather Shoes Get a pair of brown leather boots to wear.
6 Wig Costume This is important, get Annie’s ginger wig to recreate her hairstyle.
7 Full Costume For Adults If you don’t have time to put all the items together, get this full Annie costume.
8 Full Costume For Girls You can also get a full Annie costume for your little one as well.

Annie’s outfit from 1982 movie is so iconic it never gets old. She wears a frayed pink dress covered with a worn green apron, a red knitted jacket on top, green socks, and a pair of brown boots. Her iconic ginger curly hair is also unforgettable. If you want to recreate Annie’s cute little look, check out our item list down below!

About Orphan Annie

Orphan Annie or Annie, famously portrayed by Aileen Quinn, is the main protagonist in a popular 1982 musical/comedy movie that named after her character Annie. The movie follows a young orphan girl named Annie who’s living in an orphanage, but still believes that her real parents didn’t mean to leave her behind so she sets a goal on finding them.

In the orphanage, Annie leads an unhappy life due to the old and mean lady lady who runs the place, Miss Hannigan, who often commands all the orphans under her care to work hard. Despite the hard life, Annie remains optimistic and positive most of time thanks to her good nature. When Annie is selected to live in a millionaire Oliver Warbucks’ house, she doesn’t waste a second to start finding her real parents.