Mr. Wilson (Dennis the Menace) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Mr. Wilson Costume

Mr Wilson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Collared Shirt A black, collared shirt is a simple and great way for Mr. Wilson to look presentable and comfy every day
2 Maroon V-Neck Sweater As he is getting on in his years, Mr. Wilson needs to stay bundled up to keep warm. His trusty knitted, maroon sweater does the job well
3 Regular Fit Khaki Pants Retirement doesn’t justify looking frumpy. A pair of regular fit khaki pants makes Mr. Wilson look very put together
4 Black Crew Socks Mr. Wilson doesn’t want to have cold feet, and a pair of trusty black crew socks keeps his toes toasty warm.
5 Brown Leather Loafers Mr. Wilson prefers loafers when he’s out of his house. A pair made of brown leather is stylish and simple, great for every day
6 Garden Hat Working on his garden means he’s under direct sunlight most of the time. Wearing a garden hat gives Mr. Wilson some protection from the rays and heat of the sun.
7 Khaki Garden Gloves Digging through dirt may not have the most pleasant feeling, and it can get under Mr. Wilson’s fingernails. A pair of garden gloves will keep his hands clean and dirt-free.
8 White Picket Fence Mr. Wilson’s white picket fence is his first defense against the energetic five-year-old next door. He can be seen looking over it hoping Dennis Mitchell isn’t coming over.

He may have a bad temper and short patience but Dennis’ elderly neighbor, Mr. Wilson, might be hiding a soft spot for the mischievous little boy. As a retiree, all Mr. Wilson wants to do is relax and live a quiet, peaceful life (something that seems impossible when a certain little blonde boy thinks you’re his best adult friend).

Mr. Wilson usually has on a maroon sweater and khaki pants, while holding a pair of gardening shears. He can normally be seen just outside his house, near the white picket fence, tending his garden. Here’s everything you need to look like Mr. Wilson.

About Mr. Wilson

In the 1993 movie adaptation of Dennis the Menace, about twenty thousand little boys went and auditioned to become our beloved Dennis. Out of all of them, ten had the rare chance of doing a scene with Walter Matthau, who played Mr. Wilson.

Walter Matthau was a well-known American comedian and while playing the role of Mr. Wilson he mentions in a line that he Mr. Wilson was 5 years old during the year 1925. Coincidentally, Matthau was indeed that age then as he was born in 1920.