Baloo Costume from Talespin for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Baloo Costume

Baloo (Talespin) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Bear Onesie Start with a grey bear onesie to look more like Baloo.
2 Grey Bear Claw Slippers Match your onesie with a pair of grey bear claw slippers to really sell the idea that you’re a huge bear.
3 Loose Khaki Full-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Look like a happy-go-lucky bear on a permanent vacation with this loose khaki, full-sleeved button-down shirt.
4 Red Captain Hat Look like you’re in charge when you wear a red captain hat atop your head.

Baloo von Bruinwald XIII, or simply Baloo, is the pilot of the Sea Duck. He is largely based on his character from the Jungle Book. He is an incredible pilot, and can perform aerial acrobatics with a penchant for nerve and daring. He is kind-hearted and selfless as evidenced by the numerous times he’d helped out those in need. But he can be lazy and slobbish at times.

Baloo is still the big grey bear from the jungle, but now he has a uniform.

About Baloo

Baloo was voiced by Ed Gilbert. Gilbert is also known for his works in The Transformers, Tom and Jerry, Zorro, and Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Baloo is based a lot on his character from the Jungle Book. His entire look is the same as from the animated video, except in Talespin, he wears some articles of clothing.

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