Dalek Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dalek Costume

Dalek Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Top Use a brown top as a part of your Dalek outfit.
2 Gold Midi Skirt Match your top with a metallic gold midi skirt.
3 Gold Dalek Beanie Instead of an elaborate headdress, you can wear a Dalek-inspired beanie.
4 Dalek Tights Keep with the theme with a pair of Dalek tights.
5 Black Boots Look edgy with a sturdy pair of black boots.
6 Styrofoam Sphere Glue several Styrofoam speheres on your skirt.
7 Metallic Gold Paint Make sure to paint your spheres metallic gold.s
8 Eye Flashlight Accessorize with this flashlight inspired by a Dalek’s eye.
9 Dress Make everything easier by just wearing a Dalek dress.
10 Kids Dress for kids

Every Whovian knows what a Dalek is. After all, they are one of the longest and greatest enemies of the Doctor. Daleks are highly antagonistic and want all the power the universe. They are not human nor humanoid, and are obsessed with exterminating their enemies.

Looking like an actual Dalek will require you to do an extensive DIY project. It’s easier to create a Dalek-inspired outfit. All you need is a brown top, a gold skirt, and a few craft pieces. Here’s everything you need to look like a Dalek.

About Dalek

Daleks first appeared in the episode, The Daleks, released in the first season of Doctor Who, year 1964. They cemented Doctor Who’s place in BBC1’s 1964 television schedule.

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