The TARDIS Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a TARDIS Costume

Tardis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt Make use of this TARDIS shirt as the key detail of your costume.
2 Blue Tutu Personify the TARDIS as a woman with a nice blue tutu.
3 Blue Fingerless Gloves Stick with the blue theme with these blue fingerless gloves.
4 Stockings Wear lots of Tardi on your legs with these awesome pair of stockings.
5 Black Pumps Since the TARDIS has black details, you should put a bit of black in your outfit.
6 Blue Lace Mini Hat Add a nice Victorian touch to your outfit with this blue lace mini hat since the TARDIS has been around for a long time.
7 Wavy Blue Wig The TARDIS is distinctly blue so you might want to wear a blue wig.
8 Adult Onesie Want to stay comfortable? Wear a TARDIS-inspired onesie.
9 Dress Look simple and casual with this awesome TARDIS dress.
10 Deluxe Dress Looking for something more elegant? Try on this fancy TARDIS dress.

Time and Relative Dimension in Space can be a mouthful for any person, alien or not. That’s probably why the name, TARDIS, was coined. Nevertheless, the TARDIS is the Doctor’s most constant companion. No one has been with the Doctor longer than his TARDIS for the entire length of Dr. Who.

The TARDIS looks like a blue police box. It creates a whirring sound when it lands somewhere. What’s so great about the TARDIS is that you can customize your look and still look like it. Just wear TARDIS Blue and draw the details of a police box. You’re good to go! Here’s everything you need to look like the TARDIS.

About the TARDIS

The TARDIS was personified in one episode during the Eleventh Doctor’s time. She was called Idris, also known as The Doctor’s Wife, and was portrayed by Suranne Jones.

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