River Song from Doctor Who Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

River Song’s story is many things, from heartwarming to heartbreaking. It also becomes a very curious tale because we don’t get it in chronological order. She meets up with the doctor during different times of their lives that it can be confusing to watch. But that’s what makes it exhilarating. Their love story is both refreshing and exciting to witness.

River has donned on many outfits during her stint in the show, from formal gowns to adventurer garbs. For this one, let’s meet in the middle. She’s wearing a snow white leather jacket and brown tights that makes her look like a well-styled archeologist (which she is!). Here’s everything you need to look like River Song.

How to Dress Like Rebellious River Song with DIY Costume

River Song Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 White Leather Jacket Time travel and archeology can be a bit chilly so a white leather jacket is a great top to wear.
2 Brown Leggings A pair of leggings allows River to move more freely when she needs to. She prefers hers in a brown color.
3 Brown Knee-High Boots As an archeologist and adventurer, River needs sturdy footwear and brown knee-high boots are a great choice.
4 Brown Waist Belt River adds a brown waist belt to accentuate her beautiful waist.
5 Brown Leather Fanny Pack Being a traveler means having to carry lots of bits and bobs, so River’s fanny pack is important.
6 Brown Leather Holster River was a former assassin who’s great with guns so she probably needs a holster. You can even carry along a futuristic white gun for show.
7 Curly, Dirty Blonde Wig River is most notably known for her curly, dirty blonde hair so wear a wig.

About River Song

River Song is portrayed by the beautiful Alex Kingston. Kingston also played the role of Elizabeth Corday in the tv series, ER.

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