Patti Mayonaisse (Doug) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Patti Mayonaisse Costume

Patti Mayonnaise Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Pullover Patti favors a light blue pullover sweater so she wouldn’t get cold easily.
2 Pink Fabric Paint Add the cute pink polka dots on Patti’s sweater by using pink fabric paint. Alternatively you can sew this pink felt circles
3 Blue Skater Skirt Patti is still feminine and she chooses to wear a blue skater skirt.
4 Pink Converse Sneakers Patti loves the iconic sneaker look but creates a twist by wearing a pair of pink ones.
5 plain white socks Wear socks for a more authentic ‘90s kid look.
6 Blonde Curly Wig Make sure to wear a blonde curly wig to get Patti’s iconic look.

Just like her bright blonde hair, Patti is a ray of pure sunshine. Her upbeat and optimistic personality is hard not to like. Plus, she’s a great student and an even more amazing athlete. Seemingly like a super girl because of her accomplishments, it’s not hard to see why Doug has a huge crush on her.

Patti’s outfit is simple but memorable. She wears a cute light blue sweater with pink polka dots and a blue skirt. What makes her standout is her short curly hair. Here’s everything you need to look like Patti Mayonnaise.

About Patti Mayonaisse

Patti Mayonnaise was voiced by Constance Shulman. Shulman also played Yoga Jones in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

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