Once-ler (Dr Seuss The Lorax) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Once-ler’s Costume from The Lorax

Be ready to chop down trees with this Once-ler costume. Get the pieces below:

Once Ler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Teal Vest Cop this teal vest.
2 White Long Sleeved Shirt Wear a long sleeved shirt underneath
3 Teal Pants Pair the top with teal pants.
4 Green Garden Gloves Secure a pair of green garden gloves.
5 Blue Top Hat Style the wig with a top hat.
6 Toy Axe Carry a toy axe.
7 Black Wig Keep the look authentic with a short wig.

Once-ler’s outfit can be recreated with a white long-sleeved shirt as the base of the costume. Then top it with a teal vest with matching teal pants. Be sure to also wear a pair of green gardening gloves. Nail the outfit with brown boots then top it with a top hat in blue or teal. Then get a short black wig and wield a toy axe.

About Once-ler

Once-ler is a character from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. He is an antagonist in the film. He is described as a greedy businessman who cut down all Truffula trees to market the Thneed (a thread derived from the tree).

The 2012 version of Once-ler was depicted as a less greedy version from the books. He didn’t want to cut down all trees but did so when his thneed got successful and his family urged him to cut down more. The Lorax is saddened by Once-ler breaking his promise. Once-ler wanted to right his wrongs and have Ted Wiggins the last Truffule tree seed.