Princess Bean & Elfo (Disenchantment) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Princess Bean Costume

Princess Bean Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Green Shirt Wear a light green shirt as Bean’s inner garment.
2 Green Tunic A green tunic ties your outfit to the medieval era.
3 Brown Tights A pair of brown tights look manly and comfy at the same time.
4 Brown Boots Brown boots are comfy footwear for when you like moving around a lot.
5 Black Leather Belt Put a little definition on your waist with this leather belt.
6 Long White Wig Bean has long, white hair so wear a wig if you must.
7 Fake Long Sword Bean can also wield a sword even though she’s a princess.

How to make a Elfo Costume

Elfo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Tunic Elfo likes to wear a simple red tunic.
2 Blue Shorts Blue shorts are great for going on an adventure.
3 Brown Elf Shoes Of course, an elf needs elven shoes.
4 Purple Elf Hat Elfo also likes to wear a purple hat.
5 Elf Ears Don’t forget to wear pointed ears since Elfo is an elf.
6 Light Green Body Paint Paint yourself in a light green shade to match Elfo’s color.
7 Fake Dagger Bring a dagger along so Elfo can defend Bean and himself.

Princess Bean is unlike any other princess you ever met before (or so she wants to be). She’s rebellious, tomboyish, and hesitant to marry. She sounds like Disney’s Merida to be honest.

Their difference? Bean can get away with a whole lot more since she’s made for an adult audience. In fact, one of Bean’s more prominent characteristics is that she’s a very heavy drinker.

Elfo is Bean’s elf companion. He’s happy-go-lucky and naïve because of the sheltered upbringing he had in Elfwood.

But he’s also outgoing and adventurous. Elfo brings a nice balance to the trio that makes up Princess Bean, himself, and Luci.

Princess Bean likes to dress up in medieval clothes more styled for men while Elfo likes something a lot simpler, a tunic and shorts. Here’s everything you need to look like Princess Bean and Elfo.

About Princess Bean and Elfo

Princess Bean was voiced by Abbi Jacobson and Elfo was voiced by Nat Faxon.

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