Ash Williams Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make an Chainsaw Wielding Ash Williams (Evil Dead) Costume

Ash Williams Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt, denim, button-up The denim shirt gives Ash a very rugged look that suits his character and personality very well.
2 Pants, khaki These pants are a very versatile item and are perfect for demon killing.
3 Harness, leather, shoulder This leather harness is one of the really cool items in this costume. Ash uses it to tuck his shotgun into.
4 Satchel, dark color When you’re a demon killer on the run, you’re going to want to keep your most vital items close to you, and that’s what this satchel is for.
5 Shotgun, costume Ash uses his trusty shotgun to do most of the demon killing. A shotgun is definitely a great weapon for a rugged guy like himself.
6 Chainsaw, costume Besides his shotgun, Ash also uses a chainsaw to kill demons with. This weapon choice of his has become very iconic in movie history.
7 Blood, fake You’re supposed to be doing lots of demon killing in this costume, so for an extra look, splash some of this fake blood over parts of your costume.
8 Boots, black To finish off this costume, these black work boots are a perfect shoe.

Ash Williams has the typical zombie killing look about him. From his rugged denim shirt, his hardy black work boots, to his whirling bloody chainsaw, he completely encompasses the part of a zombie killing machine. However, it’s not actually zombies that he is killing, but people that have been possessed by demons.

Either way, he is a tough guy that manages to survive through the demon/zombie epidemic for several movies. An Ash Williams costume is pretty easy to put together, basically you will need a fake chainsaw, tons of fake blood, and the basic denim shirt and khaki pants.

About Ash Williams

Ash Williams is the main protagonist in the horror film franchise, Evil Dead. Throughout the Evil Dead series, Ash has to protect himself from his friends and family who have been possessed by demons. He does a good deal of demon killing and running through the Evil Dead franchise, and has become a horror movie icon. Throughout the whole Evil Dead series, Ash is continuously played by Bruce Campbell.