Jaq and Gus' Costume from Cinderella for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Jaq and Gus’ Costume from Cinderella

For Jaq Costume

Jaq Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Turtleneck Jaq’s costume starts with a red turtleneck.
2 Brown Pants You may also wear a pair of brown pants.
3 Orange Cardigan Keep the look bright with this orange layer.
4 Red Headpiece Then, add another red piece to the look such as this beanie.
5 Brown Shoes Get a pair of brown shoes.
6 Mouse Ears and Tail Get this set of animal ears and tail, too.
7 Red Nose Get a red nose tip to recreate their cute noses.

For Gus Costume

Gus Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Shirt For Gus’ look, you can wear your choice of yellow shirt and you may also crop it if you wish.
2 Brown Pants Add your choice of brown pants, too.
3 Fake Belly Recreate Gus’ cute round look with this fake belly.
4 Green Headpiece You can top off the look with a green hat or beanie.
5 Brown Shoes Match your shoes with Jaq.
6 Mouse Ears and Tail Keep the rat look cool with this hat and tail set.
7 Red Nose Like Jaq, add a red nose as a finishing move.

Jaq’s outfit features warm colors as seen in his red and orange top, brown pants, and a pair of shoes. Meanwhile, Gus wears a yellow top and a green headpiece. Both of them have mouse ears and noses, too! This is a great costume to wear for besties or siblings!

About Jaq and Gus

Jaq and Gus are characters from the animated franchise of Cinderella. They are a pair of mice who are great friends with Cinderella. They are part of the animal crew who helped create Cinderella’s dress.

Jaq is a brave, resourceful, and quick-witted mouse with a can-do attitude. He serves as Cinderella’s loyal friend and protector throughout her journey. Jaq is often seen wearing a red shirt, brown hat, and is known for his distinctive Scottish accent.

Gus (short for Octavius) is a slightly clumsy but lovable mouse who befriends Cinderella along with Jaq. He has a white coat with patches of gray, big round ears, and a chubby appearance. Despite his occasional mishaps, Gus brings an endearing charm to the story.

Both Jaq and Gus contribute to Cinderella’s transformation by helping her make her iconic gown for the royal ball out of scraps they find around the house. They also team up to rescue key items like the glass slipper when Lady Tremaine tries to sabotage Cinderella’s chances of attending the ball.

Jaq & Gus display bravery in their attempts to help Cinderella overcome her challenges while staying one step ahead of the conniving Stepmother and Stepsisters. Their humorous antics bring joy to audiences of all ages.

Due to their popularity, Jaq & Gus have made several cameos in other Disney media over the years. They have appeared in direct-to-video sequels, television shows such as “House of Mouse” and “Once Upon a Time,” theme park attractions, merchandise lines, and more.

Overall, Jaq & Gus are beloved characters who continue to be cherished by fans for their friendship with Cinderella, their loyalty, and their ability to bring laughter to the screen.