Peter Griffin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Peter Griffin Costume

Peter Griffin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Buttoned Down Shirt Get a plain white buttoned down shirt for the start.
2 Green Pants Pair up the shirt with green pants.
3 Black Leather Belt Fasten the pants with a black leather belt with a gold buckle.
4 Brown Working Shoes Find a comfortable working shoes in brown color.
5 Rounded Glasses Get round glasses to wear.
6 Funko POP: Peter Griffin If you’re a fan of Peter and the show, do not forget to collect his figure from Funko POP.

Peter Griffin’s most popular outfit reflects his Irish descent with its green color. It is also easy and more than simple. He wears a white buttoned down shirt, green pants, a black leather belt with gold buckle, and brown working shoes. If you want to recreate Peter’s style, follow our item list down below!

About Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin or Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, voiced by Seth MacFarlane , is a main protagonist in an American comedy animated TV series called Family Guy which started airing since 1998. The story follows a dysfunctional family as they try to cope with their everyday life.

Peter is a man of Irish descent who now living in Rhode Island with his wife Lois Griffin. Peter and Lois have three children together; their names are Chris, Meg, and baby Stewie. Despite being very low in IQ, Peter seems to always want to prove his masculinity thinking that Lois won’t look at other men. Also, he can be very frustrated when he is wrong at some certain things, while his wife is right.