Stewie Griffin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Stewie Griffin Costume from Family Guy

Stewie Griffin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mask Stewie’s face is very striking and impactful. For this costume, to get the ultimate look, the use of a mask is the best way to do so.
2 Shirt, long sleeve, yellow Childish colors make Stewie’s personality even more contradictory if possible. His clothes completely clash with his character, and that’s what makes him so wonderful.
3 Overalls, red Another extremely bright and childish piece, these overalls are a stunning red that will effortlessly draw eyes to your costume.
4 Sneakers, slip-ons, white These plain white shoes clash with the rest of the outfit. However, they are just as bright as the other colors and fit in with the childish theme of simple clothing.
5 Teddy bear Stewie is not the same without his beloved bear, Rupert. Only Rupert can get Stewie to act like an actual child most of the time.
6 Full costume A full costume of Stewie Griffin is also an option if you don’t feel like DIY-ing the costume on your own.

For an evil mastermind focused on world domination and murdering his mother, Stewie Griffin is a pretty cute kid. Part of that cuteness comes from his colorful overalls and mostly bald head.

Stewie is definitely not your normal one-year-old kid, but he has his moments of weakness where his child-like side comes out.

For a Stewie Griffin costume, the attitude is important, but the costume is definitely a big part. You will need a par of red overalls, a yellow shirt, a teddy bear, a pair of white shoes, and a Stewie mask.

About Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin is one of the main couples kids in the adult cartoon Family Guy. He is a huge contradiction as despite being a baby, he is an extremely intellectual evil mastermind that has a goal of world domination. These characteristics are what make him so hilarious and loveable, that, and also the fact that he is voiced by the genius series creator, Seth MacFarlane.