Mr Smee (Peter Pan) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Mr Smee’s Costume from Peter Pan

To nail Mr Smee’s look, be sure to cop a white and blue striped shirt which you can get a few sizes bigger to make room for the belly filler. Then wear blue board shorts. For the shoes, wear brown slides with the outfit. Make sure you also have white side burns and a red dwarf hat to go with the crescent shaped eye glasses.

Here are some easy steps you can easily take when on the hunt for Mr Smee’s costume:

Mr Smee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue and White Striped Shirt Start off with this blue and white shirt, get a size bigger.
2 Belly Stuffer Cop this belly stuffer to look bigger in the stomach area.
3 Blue Shorts Then wear blue shorts.
4 Brown Slides Don’t forget to wear this pair of slides.
5 Dwarf Hat Wear a red dwarf hat.
6 White Side Burns Cop white side burns facial hair.
7 Moon Glasses Wear crescent moon-shaped glasses.

About Mr Smee

Mr Smee is a character in the animated film adaptation of Peter Pan. The film follows the story of Peter and his adventures in and outside Neverland.

Mr Smee is described as Captain Hook (Peter’s enemy)’s boatswain. He is described as cowardly yet loyal, and although he is the captain’s first mate, he is not brave and able enough to be of any significant help.