Princess Leia (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Princess Leia Costume Guide

Princess Leia Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White dress the core of Leia’s outfit is a loose white dress
2 Cinnamon buns hair a famous hairstyle is Leia’s trademark. You can find a wig, or make it by yourself
3 White belt white belt with some silver metallic inlays will be a great addition
4 White Go Go boots Princess Leia prefers white boots with high or medium heel
5 Blaster Gun Leia is always ready for action, so don’t forget the blaster gun
6 Leia Ring Optional Prop

The costume of Princess Leia changed over the years. However, the core of Leia’s outfit has remained the same. Although a princess, she prefers a simple way of clothing. You won’t find those flourish details on her clothes, despite her title.

Also, it is important to know her cloth is usually completely white. She usually wears a long white dress. A hood will be a nice addition. Rest of the outfit includes white boots, white belts with some metal inlays and her famous “cinnamon buns” hairstyle. Also, it is important to mention that she is not an ordinary woman. She is always ready for some action, so blaster gun would be a nice addition.

About Princess Leia from Star Wars

Princess Leia is everything but not an ordinary woman. Even since her childhood, she lives a turbulent life. She is actually a daughter of Senator Padme Amidala and her secret lover Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader.

After she was born, Obi-Wan Kenobi and rest of the Jedi decided to hide her, along with her brother Luke Skywalker. She later became a member of the Imperial Senate but worked secretly for the resistance. Eventually, she became a Supreme commander of the Resistance. She was also imprisoned for a few times, by Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt, a crime lord.

Leia’s influence on popular culture is huge. She is recognized as a feminist hero. For all these years, she was an inspiration for many heroines in the cinema. What makes her so special is that she is not only brave but also a wise and true leader. Above all, she has a pretty unique sense of humor, which perfectly fits her funny haircut. Through almost complete series, she has a turbulent romance with Captain Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford.