Candy Apple Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Candy Apple’s Costume

Candy Apple Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Adult Apple Costume Get this apply costume to start off the look.
2 Child Apple Costume Be matchy-matchy with your child with this apple set.
3 Crepe Paper Cut pieces of this crepe paper and stick to the apple.
4 Double-sided Tape Stick the decorations with this tape.
5 Stickers For the sprinkles, you can use this set of polka dot stickers.
6 Filler Paper Add more “sugar” to the look by sticking paper shreds or filler paper on the apple.

You and your child can easily go like a matching candy apple set with these easy steps! You can get a costume shaped like an apple. Then decide what you want to put on as the “candies” or “sprinkles” on the big apple. You can use stickers and colored crepe paper to stick around the apple in patterns of your own choosing.

About Candy Apple

Candy Apple is a sweet snack made from apple covered with sugary ingredients. The common ones feature the apple dipped in caramel or chocolate. Then it can be decorated with other colorful treats such as sprinkles, candy bars, sugar, or nuts. These are common in Western Fairs and events.