Bunny Brawler (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bunny Brawler’s Costume from Fortnite

This Fortnite skin can be recreated with these pieces below:

Bunny Brawler Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bunny Hoodie Wear this hoodie with bunny ears.
2 White Jogger Pants You can also pair your top with white pants.
3 Bunny Slippers Then you can wear this cute pair of slip-ons.
4 Bunny Onesie For a complete bunny look, you can also get a onesie.
5 Knee Pads Wear black and pink knee pads, too.
6 Backpack Then carry this pink-blue backpack.
7 Red Nerf Bullets Style the straps on your bag with these bullets.
8 Make-up Palette For the whiskers and nose detail, you can use this make-up palette to draw on your face.

For this Bunny Brawler costume, you can wear a bunny-inspired onesie or hoodie. If you opt for a hoodie, pair it with white pants. Then rock the complete bunny look with a pair of cute slippers with bunny ears. Get a pink and blue blackpack and apply a couple of red toy bullets on the straps, too. Take out your make-up palette and draw cute whiskers on your face.

About Bunny Brawler

Bunny Brawler is skin or cotume in the hit online game Fortnite. She is considered as an Epic Outfit. The skin is available in the Item Shop where it is bundled with the Egg shell Back Bling.