Peely's (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Peely’s Costume from Fortnite

Peely Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Body Suit Start with this full bodysuit in yellow.
2 Banana Suit Then get this banana-shaped costume.
3 Yellow Sweater If you do not want to wear a bodysuit, you can start with this sweater.
4 Yellow Pants Match the top with these pants.
5 Yellow Gloves Then style the top with these gloves.
6 Boots Add this pair of boots to the cosplay, too.

Peely’s eye-catching costume features an all-yellow ensemble. You can pair your banana suit with a full body suit. If you want separate pieces, you may also get a sweater and a pair of pants to match with the banana peel. Then complete the look with your gloves and boots.

For Agent Peely Costume

To make it an Agent Peely outfit, wear a blacksuit with a bowtie, a leg holster and black sunglasses.

About Peely

Peely is a character skin from the game Fortnite. It is considered an Epic Outfit in Battle Royale which can be received as a reward from Tier 47 of Battle Pass Season 8. In the game, it comes with a bunch of bananas rather than a single character as seen in Season 8. In one of the Fortnite short, Banana Rift, it can be seen that Peely was born when Jonesy and a banana went into the rift.