Dark Voyager (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Dark Voyager (Fortnite) costume

Dark Voyager Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Faux Leather Jumpsuit Get a plain black faux leather jumpsuit to wear.
2 Black Gloves Get a pair of black leather gloves.
3 Black Harness Find a black harness to wear on your upper body.
4 Arm Pouches Wear a pouch strap on both upper arms.
5 Upper Leg Straps Strap on both of your thighs.
6 Black Combat Boots Find a pair of black combat boots to match the outfit.
7 Black Space Helmet Cover you head with a black full-head helmet.
8 Tactical Belt Strap it on your midsection.
9 Neon Nightlife LED Suspenders Hook suspenders to your tactical belt.
10 Full Costume - Kids Get a full costume for kids here!
11 Full Costume - Adults Get a full costume for adults here!.

Dark Voyager’s outfit styled speaks a futuristic style space suit - both high-tech and fashionable. He wears a black jumpsuit with glowing orange light, black gloves, a harness, a space helmet, arm pouches, leg straps, and black space boots.

Do you like to recreate Dark Voyager’s look? Follow our item list down below!

About Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager is one of the outfit skins in today’s most popular online game among the youngsters called Fortnite. The game was released in 2017 with a basic, yet classic idea of a free-to-play battle royale game where players fight in increasingly smaller spaces to be the last person standing. It has been gaining more and more popularity ever since.

Dark Voyager outfit is a part of the Space Explorer set. Representing the greatness of the space, the outfit comes with the tag line “from the vast darkness of deep space.” The skin can be obtained when the player reaches Tier 70 in Season 3 Battle Pass.