iKONIK (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make iKONIK Costume

Ikonik Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Short Sleeve Hoodie Start your iKONIK outfit with a trendy short-sleeved black hoodie.
2 Black Jersey Shorts Match your hoodie with a pair of black shorts.
3 Red Textile Paint Use red textile paint to create the red tails on the hoodie and shorts.
4 White Long Sleeve Shirt Wear a white long-sleeved shirt underneath your hoodie.
5 Black Tights Keep your legs warm with a pair of black tights.
6 Red Sneakers Add a pop of color with the pair of red sneakers.
7 Face Mask Hide your face like a hit K-pop idol with the iKONIK face mask.
8 Black Fingerless Tactical Gloves Accessorize with a pair of black fingerless gloves.
9 Red Microphone Bring along a red microphone while you’re out and about.
10 Full Costume Set Instead of DIY-ing, you can also get this costume set.

iKONIK is the outfit you can unlock when you purchase a particular Samsung phone and download Fornite on it. It’s an Epic outfit that fans of Jung Chanwoo of the K-Pop band, iKON, are sure to go gaga- over.

iKONIK is one of the most simple yet ‘iconic’ (yes, pun intended) skins in Fortnite because of its price and popularity. He wears a white sweater, black short-sleeved hoodie, black shorts, black tights, red shoes, black fingerless gloves, and a black face mask.

About iKONIK

IKONIK is a redesigned version inspired of the removed K-Pop outfit. Alongside Galaxy, another Epic outfit, iKONIK is tied as the most expensive outfit you can purchase.

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