Tomatohead (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Tomatohead’s Costume from Fortnite

Here are items you can get for your head-turning Tomatohead costume:

Tomatohead Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Long Sleeved Tee Start the costume with this long sleeved shirt.
2 Red Tank Top Then layer a red tank top over it.
3 White Ribbon Add stripes to the red top with this ribbon.
4 Green Pants You can also pair this top with green pants.
5 Brown Belt Add this brown belt to the pants, too.
6 Red Socks In place of shin guards, you can wear long socks.
7 Black Boots Then you can also pair the socks with black ankle boots.
8 Purple Gloves Cop a pair of fingerless gloves.
9 Red Backpack Carry a red backpack
10 Mask Complete the costume with this mask.
11 Boys Costume Full costume set for boys
12 Full Costume For a full look, you may also get this costume set.

Tomatohead is an eye-catching skin on Fortnite thanks to its solid color combination of red and green! You can recreate this by wearing a red tank top over a green long-sleeved shirt. Then wear matching green pants too which you can style with red long socks and a pair of ankle boots. To complete the outfit, wear a brown belt and purple gloves! Top the whole costume with a tomato helmet or head gear!

About Tomatohead

Tomatohead is a skin from from the video game called Fortnite. Tomatohead is named as such as it features a costume with a large tomato for its head. He is said to be the owner of Pizza Pit. The skin is considered an ‘epic’ outfit and was introduced in Fortnite: Battle Royale season 3. It is available for 1,500 v - bucks from the Item shop.