Frankenstein's Monster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Frankenstein’s Monster Costume

Frankenstein Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 T-shirt, black The base of this costume is a plain black T-shirt; do not be afraid to make it look a little bit dirty or creased.
2 Blazer, green Frankenstein wears his blazer in a very large size in order to make himself look large and disheveled. It is important to get this green blazer in a size that will fit you large, and try to distress the fabric as well.
3 Pants, green, cargo These simple green cargo pants should be chopped off an inch or two above the hem, and have distressing added to them to be more like Frankenstein’s own pants.
4 Boot, platform, black These black, tall, chunky platform boots are to help you get Frankenstein’s size and mass proportions. He also wears boots that are similar.
5 Headpiece This Frankenstein costume headpiece is green with black hair attached to it. It also has costume stitches, bolts, and medical staples added to it.
6 Makeup To get the rest of your body and skin color more similar to Frankenstein’s, use this stage makeup palette to increase the quality and realness of your costume.

The undead monster, Frankenstein, has a very un-kept and simple sort of style. In many depictions of his character, he is wearing clothing in a darker green color, somewhat similar to his one skin color.

This costume is based on that sort of look, with the addition of some very cool platform boots, as well as detailed but simple costume makeup. A Frankenstein costume is a look you can get creative with and have fun while wearing it at the same time.

Frankenstein Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

This Frankenstein facial makeup tutorial can help you bring your costume ever more to life and improve on the makeup you will need.

About Frankenstein

Frankenstein is an undead character that has been adopted into many film and book series, but started out as a simple horror story by the writer Mary Shelley. This version of Frankenstein is inspired by the 1930s movie version which is a pretty accurate representation of the original book. Boris Karloff plays The Monster aka. Frankenstein, that is brought back to life by the mad scientist, Dr. Frankenstein.